For a better, Microbiome-friendly world!

Corporate Culture:
The Essence of our Success

The corporate culture within a company encompasses shared values, norms, and behaviors among its employees. It shapes the work environment, influences decision-making, and reflects the identity and common goals of the organization. Fostering a vibrant corporate culture and embodying a steadfast commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we strive to create a positive impact on both our internal environment and the broader community.

Our vision

Our vision is a better, Microbiome-friendly world!

Our Mission

We support individuals and companies on their way towards a Microbiome-friendly world.

We want to become the most important microbiome platform in all microbiome related fields worldwide.

Our in-depth knowledge of microbiology combined with our own
high-end laboratory allows us to set the gold standards in the microbiome industry.

Our mission includes certification, R&D, education and information about Microbiome-friendly products and habits.


Our values

Integrity - The basis of our business

Humanity - The basis for good relationships

Joy of Innovation - The basis for success

Team Spirit - The basis for good interaction

Enthusiasm - The basis for enjoyment of work

SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) in the healthcare sector

MyMicrobiome for a symbiotic coexistence of humans and microorganisms

To enable the sustainable development of our planet, which faces so many serious challenges, global governments, business enterprises and civil society are committed to implementing the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As an independent research and certification institute in the health sector, the focus of our work is on SDG goal 3, Health and Well-being: "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages".

Sustainable Development Goals

A sustainable, environmentally friendly approach

Our international team of scientists, creative minds and visionaries at MyMicrobiome is working towards a better, Microbiome-friendly world. This requires a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach.

A sustainable, environmentally friendly approach

We pursue our mission in three ways:


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Spreading knowledge about a healthy microbiome on our science and information platform

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Independent scientific testing and certification of cosmetic products and textiles with regard to their microbiome-friendliness in our German laboratories.

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Advice for customers from the microbiome sector via our R&D services.

Maintaining a healthy coexistence with the microbial world and its diversity

With the world's leading and only registered certification mark for Microbiome-friendly cosmetics and textiles, we offer both a decision-making aid for customers and a competitive advantage for brands. In addition to strengthening their own well-being, customers can support companies that are committed to maintaining a healthy coexistence with the microbial world and its diversity.

By disseminating the latest scientific findings, we can raise awareness of the harmful effects that toxic substances can have on the entire ecosystem. In this way, we help to minimize the use of these substances and promote the development of products and processes that preserve our microbial environment and health in the long term.

With a spirit of innovation, creativity and determination, we are always working at the cutting edge of microbiome research and developing solutions that drive the rethinking of the healthcare sector, including the holistic view of our health that includes our microbial co-inhabitants - for a better, Microbiome-friendly world.

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