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To obtain an initial assessment of whether your product would pass our comprehensive tests for Microbiome-friendly certification, we are pleased to conduct a Pre-test.

Pre-tests are conducted as vitality tests within the framework of our certification process. The vitality test is highly sensitive and is therefore ideal for obtaining an initial assessment. In this test, the product comes into contact with the key microorganisms of the respective body area, and the growth is observed. The product should not influence the growth of the tested microbes.

If you decide to proceed with certification after a successful Pre-test, we will deduct the costs incurred for the Pre-test from the remaining certification fees.



Advantages of a Pre-test:

Malassezia furfur

Initial assessment

Malassezia furfur

Reduced financial risk

Malassezia furfur

Ideal for product development

Malassezia furfur

Swift full certification upon positive test results

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