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Microbiome-friendly Certification

"MyMicrobiome is an independent control body that rigorously tests products and single ingredients for the impact on the skin’s microbiome. Based on human microbes we have developed a standardized test which creates clear, significant results referring to the latest scientific findings. The tests are performed in qualified laboratories in Germany and give information about the influence on the key species of the skin microbiome. The product shall leave the skin microbiome untouched thus respecting the microbial diversity and balance of the skin."

Dr. Kristin Neumann,
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Microbiome-friendly cosmetics

The microbiome is increasingly in the focus of consumers

In the USA, 50% of all consumers over the age of 18 are already interested in trying personal care products that protect the skin microbiome.

The microbiome will play a key role in defending against skin diseases in the future. The minimum requirement for a cosmetic product should be to be Microbiome-friendly, which means it does no harm to the microbiome.

Source: Mintel
Base: 1,963 internet users aged 18+ who use soap, bath, and shower products, US
December 2019

The world's first and leading microbiome certification provides clarity

Numerous so-called "Microbiome-friendly/gentle" products are already flooding the market without any control authority behind them. With our standards we bring clarity to this unregulated market. For the health-conscious consumer our certification is imparting confidence in your product. Quality seals are a very important factor for consumers in aiding the decision process which items to purchase.

We have developed the world's first standards for Microbiome-friendly products, which examine skin care products and textiles and test their influence on the microbiome. Once the product has passed the test, it may carry the "Microbiome-friendly" seal of quality.

"Investment in certification is imperative."
Microbiome Beauty Boom, WGSN, May 2, 2021


Our tests comply with the scientific gold standard

Our tests are performed in our German laboratory under strict control conditions using replicable and standardized methods.

We take into account the 80-90% of human microbes that are most common in each skin area and test the influence of the product on the typical key microbes of this special skin area. Depending on where the product is used, we decide together with the manufacturer which skin area should be tested.

It is important for brands to understand the need for scientific evidence, specific to their product, to support a Microbiome-friendly claim. In November 2022, we performed a regulatory audit by Bloom Regulatory for our Cosmetic Standard 18.10-24.10.

"MyMicrobiome ‘microbiome friendly’ certification provides companies with robust and scientific data to build their substantiation claim files."
Bloom Regulatory, November, 2022

The benefits of our "Microbiome-friendly" certification

A key issue for the future

The topic microbiome is increasingly gaining awareness.


Validation of claims

Passing the test comes with the assurance that your product respects the body's microbial diversity and balance. You can be proud of your achievement!


Competitive advantage

Brands must prove their worth that they are eligible for purchase.



For the health-conscious consumer our certification is imparting confidence in your product.


Marketing tool

A seal of quality is a proven branding tool and is rounding up the profile of your product.

Proven branding

A selection of our customers / awards

Numerous brands from the cosmetics industry with more than 500 tested products trust our seal:

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